“Biopharm” opens “Biolab” to present the first ISO 9001 in ASEAN and an example of FDR pharmaceutical factory ready to deliver quality medicine to Samut Prakan Community.
On 9 August, Mr. Parinya Paothong, Director of Corporate Coordinator of Biopharm Chemicals Company Limited, welcomed and gave medicine and 33 medical supplies in the scheme of the 3rd Biopharm Medical Cabinets for the Community to Mrs. Phonphen Klinkamthonkun, Deputy Municipal Clerk for Municipal Affairs, performing the duty of Mayor of Samut Prakan as the representative of the people in Samut Prakan Community at Biolab Company Limited, which is located inside Bang Pu Industrial Estate. Moreover, Mr. Rachata Thakonsi, Managing Director of Biolab Company Limited, invited representatives of Samut Prakan Community and mass media to visit the quality pharmaceutical factory of Biolab. The factory is part of the Thai pharmaceutical company for Thai people that has been established for more than 36 years with the concept to help Thai people in order to gain more access to quality medicine that is tangible and for reasonable prices. Biolab is a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer of the country, which consists of production lines, tablets, liquid drugs, cream, and injections. It is a pharmaceutical factory that has received the standards such as:
1. ISO9001 as the first pharmaceutical manufacturing factory of Thailand
2. PIC/S GMP as the first in Thailand to cover all production lines from Singapore
3. EU GMP as the first in Thailand to produce antiseptics and tablets from Germany
4. ISO/IEC 17025 standard covering all areas of laboratory management

Biolab Pharmaceutical Manafacture was given the honor of being the factory model in training officers from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for GMP evaluation, and received 5 FDA Quality Awards within 7 years. The pharmaceutical products of Biolab are accepted at the international level and can be exported to foreign countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Si Lanka, Vietnam, Yemen, and Afghanistan. There is also plans to increase exports to other countries such as Japan, European countries, especially in Germany, United States of America, and China, every year.

Mr. Rachata Thakonsi, Managing Director of Biolab Company Limited, said that:
“Biolab would like to support the government sector so that everyone can gain access to reasonable and quality drugs. Therefore, Biolab, as a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer in the country, has the intention to respond to the government policies, which are:
– Support National Drug Policy and National Pharmaceutical Strategy for the people to gain more access to medicines at reasonable prices.
– Accelerate research to develop the First Generic Drug, which can be produced domestically when the patent expires, to reduce medicine imports, trade deficits, and the healthcare expense of the country.
– Collaborate in pushing and supporting Project Medical Hub of the government sector and accelerate the exports of medicines to foreign countries.
– Be a factory with the potential to produce important pharmaceutical raw materials, for example, Aluminium Hydroxide for BELCIDS® and Ranetidine for RANIDINE®
– Develop and use new technologies in the production line for higher productivity, such as using robot arms in the liquid drug production line.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Phonphen Klinkamthonkun, Deputy Municipal Clerk for Municipal Affairs, performing the duty of Mayor of Samut Prakan Municipality as the representative of the Samut Prakan Community, stated further about the heath and access to treatments for the people in the community that, “Samut Prakan Community is lucky to receive the kindness from Biopharm Company since 2015. The Village Health Volunteers or VHV has brought the donated medicines to the community people who are poor or lacking residence in impoverished areas. Making merit with people’s lives is great merit. Especially today, I have seen the processes of making medicine at Biolab. It is considered to be second luck for the people in Samut Prakan Community to receive quality medicine with a manufacturing standard that is equivalent to foreign countries.”

Mr. Parinya Paothong, Director of Corporate Coordinator of Biopharm Chemicals Company Limited, concluded about BIOPHARM Medicine Cabinets for the Community that, “Biopharm has set a target in distributing medicine cabinets with necessary medical supplies for 100 cabinets per year, which has conducted for 3 consecutive years now. This year, they were given to forest rangers who take care of the eastern forest, which are Khao Yai – Tap Lan – Pang Sida – Ta Phraya National Parks and Dong Yai Wildlife Sanctuary. Also, the medicines and medical supplies of existing medicine cabinets of the past two years were restocked for the Samut Prakan Community, where we are visiting today, and for the Samut Sakhon Community and Pathum Thani Community. This also includes preparing medicines for refilling medicine cabinets in the second year which were given to the forest rangers of the parks and the wildlife sanctuary of the western forest, such as Salak Phra Wildlife Sanctuary, Erawan National Park in Kanchanaburi Province, Phu Toei National Park in Suphan Buri Province, and Huai Kha Khaeng Wildlife Sanctuary, which will be completed within this year. Though Biopharm is a pharmaceutical company, we would like to be an alternative in preventing diseases. I want the Thai people to take the least amount of medicine as possible and use the medicines when necessary. We intend to continue with this project and continue expanding on the areas according to the intention of the company to support the value of all lives.

Biolab Company Limited is in affiliate with Biopharm Chemical Company Limited, which was established in 1981 at Min Buri by Khun Wirot Thakonsi, President of Bio Group, with the concept to help Thai people to gain access to quality medicine at a reasonable price. Later in 1991, Biolab moved their factory to Bang Pu Industrial Estate until present.