Fill up with medicine and happiness in Pathum Thani Community
Pharmacist Bunsom Ketchanthiwa, Manager of Corporate Coordinator of Biopharm Chemicals Company Limited, presided over the handing out of medicines and basic medical supplies to 28 communities in Pathum Thani under the scheme of “The 3rd Biopharm Medical Cabinets for the Community.” The company has been giving out medical cabinets and re-filling medical supplies for the Pathum Thani Community for 3 years. This year, Mrs. Phunsi Hansawat, Head of Public Health Center of Pathum Thani Municipality, was the recipient at the Public Health Center, Pathum Thani Municipality. As for the locations to install the Biopharm Medical Cabinets for the Community, Village Health Volunteers or VHV of Pathum Thani Province will select homes that are located in the center of the community that have the presence of people at all times. Those people must also pass training about how to use the drugs properly. The head of Public Health Center of Pathum Thani Municipality concluded that, “This is a great scheme that a private company has supported in terms of health of the community in collaboration with the government sector. Throughout the past 3 years, we have received good feedback from the community. People cane to ask for first aid kits for falling or minor injuries, headache, fever, including ointment for aches because there are many elderly people living in the community. Having the medicine cabinets in the community make us feel comforted.”