Biopharm Chemicals Company Limited visited the provincial areas to continue with “The 3rd BIOPHARM Medical Cabinets for the Community.” Recently, 126 medicine cabinets with basic medical supplies were given out to Phetchabun Province, including to important tourist attractions such as Khao Kho National Park and Nam Nao National Park, and Si Thep Historical Park, to remedy the big flood that occurred in October. Khun Wirot Thakonsi, President of Bio Group, performed the ceremony of giving all the medicine cabinets to Khun Phibun Hatthakitkoson, Governor of Phetchabun Province.

Why Phetchabun Province?
Since October 2017, we have received news about the flooding in Phetchabun Province. Though we have an annual budget according to the operational plan of the company, we did not hesitate to participate in supporting and solving the problem with sustainability. Although, this assistance is defensive, Biopharm believes that if each community has its own emergency medicine cabinet when there is flooding or a disaster, the medicine cabinet and medical supplies will assist the people in giving preliminary care for themselves and the community. Therefore, we proposed this matter to the executives and Governor of Phetchabun Province, His Excellency Phibun Hatthakitkoson, for coordination with all districts, national parks, and historical parks in Phetchabun Province totaling 11 districts, 117 sub-districts, 5 historical parks, and 1 village. The total number of donations were 126 sets of pharmaceutical supplies and 126 medicine cabinets, which consisted of the following medicine:
– Medicines for seasonal allergic rhinitis (Clarid)
– Cream for fungicide (Cotren)
– Cream for itch/rash (Clobet)
– Anthelmintic drugs (Alben)
– Eyewash
– Hydrogen Peroxide
– Medicines for seasonal allergic rhinitis
In addition, there was a list of medicines that had been given according to the project in the 1st and 2nd year, which were cloth plaster, cotton sheet, cream for aches (cream), alcohol for disinfection, antiseptic (Povidine), medicines for gastritis, and Paracetamol. When there is flooding, a disaster, or minor illnesses, these medicine cabinets and medical supplies can help the people give themselves and the community preliminary care.

Throughout the 3 years of the project, which specific health problems do the people still have?
In the 3rd BIOPHARM Medical Cabinets for the Community, apart from giving the medical cabinets and medical supplies to the community in the 1st year and to wildlife rangers and nearby communities in the 2nd and 3rd year, we saw how the villagers lived. Several villages are far away from a hospital, pharmacy, doctor, nurse, and pharmacist. They cannot receive support or relief for basic illnesses according to the family medicine plan that the Ministry of Public Health is promoting.