“Biopharm” commends Forest Rangers 4.0 for using NACPS “Catching before Cutting”, the ultimate surveillance system to protect the sustainability of Tap Lan forest.
Biopharm Chemicals Company Limited has continued with “The 3rd BIOPHARM Medical Cabinets for the Community.” After launching this project at Khao Yai National Park in April by giving medicine cabinets with medical supplies reaching the target of 100 cabinets. The target of this year is the eastern forest or the national park and the wildlife sanctuary in “Dong Phaya Yen – Khao Yai,” which has been declared a “Natural World Heritage” since the biodiversity is high with various types of forest such as rainforest, tropical rain forest, dry evergreen forest, dry deciduous dipterocarp forest, mixed forest, and meadows. It consists of 5 forests, which are Khao Yai – Tap Lan – Pang Sida – Ta Phraya National Parks and Dong Yai Wildlife Sanctuary.

According to King Bhumibol Adulyadej’s Speech, which states that:

“Our natural environment, whether they are land, forest, river, sea, or air, are not only beautiful things. They are necessary for our living. By protecting our environment, it means protecting the future for our descendants.”

Biopharm has proceeded with the King’s Speech by giving support to the forest rangers. For example; Tap Lan National Park in Prachin Buri is considered to be the last fan palm forest of Thailand that we must help to protect. When a fan palm reaches 10-30 years old, it will bloom and die. In the propagation, only the fruit of these flowers will be used. Therefore, the natural cultivation and propagation is difficult. The fan palm is an important plant of Thailand. Apart from being an economic crop in which the products of fan palm can be used in consumption, the fan palm is also a plant that helps to carry on the Thai way of life. We will not forget that in the past, we used young fan palm leaves to record the story of Buddha’s teachings, Jataka stories, history, tradition, rites, and wisdom in various respects, which is called “Fan Palm Scripture.”

“More importantly, we would like everyone to admire and give encouragement to all forest rangers who are dedicated in their job and are fearless. There is the use of new technology to protect against invaders, like NCAPS, which is a very good thing since it can prevent wrongful action. It is considered to be the ultimate forest surveillance system, truly suitable for Forest Rangers 4.0,” said Mr. Wiraphat Takonsi, Managing Director of Biopharm Chemicals Company Limited, in praise of the work of the forest rangers of Tap Lan National Parks.

Mr. Prawatsat Chanthep, Head of Tap Lan National Park in Prachin Buri Province, talked about the advantages of NCAPS, that “Tap Lan National Park is the first national park that uses this system. NCAPS stands for Network Centric Anti Poaching System. This system consists of cameras that we have installed in the forest, which will capture the picture of humans and animals by using laser to detect their movement in the forest and send back pictures to email. It is a network system, similar to CCTV, which can prevent wrongful action, reduce the loss of forest resources and wildlife, and change the behavior of humans to be afraid of violating the law. It solves the problem at the root because it catches before cutting and can protect the longevity of Tap Lan Forest.”

For the NCAPS system, apart from helping to protect the sustainably of the forest, it can reduce loss or injury from clashes between officers and outlaws. When invaders go into the forest and see NCAPS cameras, even if the cameras are destroyed or burned, the system can capture and send pictures of the invaders to the email of officers so that they can definitely be arrested. It is considered to be a tool that gives an advantage to the officers. It can also capture in night vision. It may not be worth it for officers to defend during the night immediately, but NCAPS cameras can help analyze the number of weapons and the expected direction of invaders. When the officers can accurately evaluate the situation, they can carefully make their plan. Apart from the cameras, the success of NCAPS consists of the readiness of the officers at all levels, including the supervisors who are brave enough to make a decision, and the subordinates who must perform their duty with dedication and strong mind, having the skill in tracking and defense. A good plan is also needed. The plan must be clear, concise, and can reduce loss in all matters to the least. Other necessary tools, such as GPS, will give commands to patrolling officers in the middle of the forest to join forces immediately. NCAPS will further the quality of patrol or Smart Patrol greatly.

“NCAPS has allowed the forest rangers of Tap Lan National Park to arrest outlaws several times. For example; at the end of 2016, smugglers of Siamese rosewood were arrested. In early 2017, the capture from NCAPS cameras led to the arrest of 7 Cambodians who were hiding at the end of the forest at Ban Lam Phiak, Lam Phiak Sub-District, Khon Buri District, Nakhon Ratchasima Province, leading to the seizure of 2 lumbers of Siamese rosewood. By installing NCAPS cameras in the forest, the officers are not afraid that outlaws will know that cameras have been installed because we want them to hesitate in doing wrong things or at least officers can arrest them in time before they cut the trees. Even though there is no property in dispute and the penalty is less, it is worth it since we can protect the forest from being destroyed and the outlaws from jail. Even though they do wrong, if they are put into jail, their relatives of the outlaws will foster a feeling of hatred for the forest rangers. Therefore, catching before cutting provides a good result in the long term and can reduce all types of losses. The protection is not 100% because there is a lot of Siamese rosewood in Tap Lan forest which attracts the outlaws. Siamese Rosewood is an expensive wood, but it is also the wood of death. It causes fighting, betrayal, and slaughter. We hope that NCAPS cameras will change the minds of outlaws, including protecting the life of the wildlife and reducing clashes between the wildlife and villagers. For example; using the cameras to monitor wild elephants from going out of the area, able to stop wild elephants and bring them back to the forest safetly,” said Head of Tap Lan National Park.

In “THE 3rd BIOPHARM Medicine Cabinets for the Community,” Biopharm Chemicals Company Limited is not only preparing general medicines that are necessary for the forest rangers, such as cloth plaster, cotton sheet, cream for aches (Flanil cream), alcohol for disinfection, antiseptic (Povidine), medicines for gastritis (Belcid), and painkillers, more medicines are also prepared to respond to the need of the officers. For example:
– Medicines for seasonal allergic rhinitis (Clarid)
– Cream for fungicide (Cotren)
– Cream for itch/rash (Clobet)
– Anthelmintic drugs (Alben)
– Eyewash
– Hydrogen Peroxide

Furthermore, the company visited and gave encouragement to the forest rangers of Tap Lan National Park in two units, which are Huai Kham Phu Unit, to follow up on the installation of the medicine cabinets and talk with the officers at the accommodation located at the ridge of the dam or the slope over Naruabodin Chinda Reservior, the reservoir that is being built according to the Royal Project of King Bhumibol Adulyadej. It is considered to be the last Royal Dam which is going to be completed soon. Naruabodin Chinda Reservior can protect Prachin Buri Province from floods like in the past. The living of the officers is simple and sufficient. They find small fish from the dam, let them dry, and cook them. When it is time to patrol the forest, they will work in teams of 4-5 people. When the team goes patrolling, another team will stay at the accommodation as reinforcement. There are 4 days off each month. However, everyone volunteers to stay at the unit. They rarely come home. Another unit that Biopharm visited and talked to was Wang Thalu Unit, which is about 30 minutes away from Naruabodin Chinda Reserivior by boat. Along the way, it is full of shade and green of the forest. If lucky, you will see Thai freshwater crocodiles, which is a rare animal that has made this place a natural world heritage. The reason for having a forest ranger unit in the deep forest in the area of this reservoir is to protect far-away areas of the forest from being invaded. Since the forest can connect with the stream, this point is often trespassed because the transportation of weapons by boat is easier and less tiring than trekking. Also, trespassing by using non-motor boats is quiet and easier to avoid officers. For the officers at Wang Thalu Unit, if not patrolling, they must stay at the unit which is quite far away from the outside world. If they do not truly love the forest or nature, they cannot perform their duties here. Therefore, this visit gives encouragement to the officers. It is also a way to express our gratitude, creating pride in the heart of the people who make sacrifices, which is more valuable than any object.

Biopharm Chemicals Company Limited concluded that the duties of the forest rangers are important since it is directly related to forest care, which is significant and greatly affects Thailand. Imagine Thailand as a country with only cities like Bangkok but no land. Or take a deep look at this: if we reduce the quantity of forests by 50% and the quantity of rivers by 50%, I do not have to tell you about the impact that will follow. How much heat, natural disasters, or illnesses will we have to encounter? Therefore, if we see the forest, land, and stream as small matters, this negligence will definitely hurt us in the future.