Biopharm, opening the new era of 2018

Biopharm Kick Off 2018 was organized on 31 January 2018 at Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park.

Khun Virapatna Thakolsri, Managing Director, and Khun Vinita Janvatanavit, Deputy Managing Director, announced the company’s performance, the overall business of the previous year, the direction of Biopharm’s continued business operations, and preparations for the year 2019 on the occasion of the Biopharm’s 45th anniversary.

The Vision, Innovation, Applicable and Value Added was emphasized as an important standpoint of Biopharm in order to deliver products to customers so that customers will receive exceptional products and services that are accepted in both domestic and foreign countries. This also includes the aim to expand the business continuously in the pharmaceutical market via the hospital, pharmacy, and foreign market, and for Biopharm to continue being the leader in research for suitable products for all genders and ages of consumers.

Inside the Biopharm Kick Off 2018, an award was given for outstanding sales representatives to build morale for sales representatives who did excellent work. An award was also given to the Winner of Biopharm Tree Contest. A group photo was taken with executives as commemoration in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

In the evening, there was a party in the theme of Biopharm: Bohemian Night. The company’s executives and employees had dinner together and enjoyed activities on the stage such as lip-sync and dance, costume contest, and prize drawing. The party ended with a warm mini-concert from famous artists who created an atmosphere full of smiles and happiness as a present for all Biopharm employees.